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Trust us, Adwords and pay-per-click are too expensive. How do you think Google makes billions of dollars? Late 90s banner ads and pop-ups are ubiquitous nuisances that get glossed over.

offline Magazine is offering a highly targeted and entirely unique way to advertise your website at a fraction of what an online promotional campaign might cost. Sure there are plenty of magazines to advertise in, but offline is the only one devoted completely to the world wide web. Our readers pick up the mag to learn about websites. They check out the sites we review. You can have them visit your site too.

Who reads offline Magazine? Portland men and women with discerning tastes and stuff.

If you're interested, offline has a few affordable ad options that'll increase your site's exposure:

Graphic Ads\\ Provide us with a graphic ad and we'll make sure you get premium placement in the magazine. With every graphic ad you run, we'll also let you place a banner on this site. Yes, there's still a place for the digital in this analog revolution. Graphic ads are priced by unit and you can choose to use anywhere between 1 and 40 units per ad. Contact offline to discuss your options. Here are some examples:

offline ads offline banner offline leaderboard offline vertical rectangle
1 Unit 2 - 4 Unit Vertical 3-5 Unit Horizontal 6-8 Unit Fat Vertical
offline six block offline ten half offline twenty full offline double truck
4 -6 Unit Fat Horizontal 10 Unit Half Page 20 Unit Full Page 40 Unit Double Truck

Advetorials\\ Provide us with a 300 - 800 word promotional article and we'll run it alongside the rest of our magazine content for a flat fee. For a bit more, we'll write the article for you. It's a simple and effective way to announce your site or promote an event, contest, album, "product" name it.

Text Ads \\ We give your text ad great placement alongside our original content. The specs for a text ad are as follows: 30 Character Title, 80 Character Description, URL or Phone Number.