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offline Magazine is a product of the simple and seemingly obvious notion that the Internet's vast sea of content should be discussed in traditional media (apart from fluff news stories on blogging or social networking). You can buy a quilting magazine, but you won't find anything about the largest, most democratizing information technology in human history. Yeah, we think the internet is a pretty big deal, and that is why we are devoting a magazine to it.

We filter out the pages you probably haven't visited and put them to paper. You won't need broadband or even a computer to enjoy the internet. Spend an hour searching, or pick up offline. We've papertized the internet for your convenience, so enjoy.

For something a little more heavy-handed, check out our Mission Statement.

offline Magazine is free to all and distributed in businesses and on street corners. If you are interested in advertising with us, Please Click Here. If you'd like a copy of the magazine and can't find one locally, please send an email request to offline Magazine is printed on recycled and alternative pulp paper.

offline Magazine is a property of Open Underground Media LLC